Nancy Oliveri has been the recipient of numerous international awards for her nine self published photobooks. Under the name olive & root, she has been honored in the Tokyo International Foto Awards, the Urban Street Photo Awards in Trieste, Italy, the PX3 de la Paris Photographie and the Julia MargRet Cameron Awards among others. They are all limited edition and print to order.

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THE THINGS YOU WANTED, 2021 hardcover black & white photography.

Limited editions of 100, plus tax and international shipping where applicable.


THE THINGS YOU WANTED, 2021 is an 11"x13" hardcover collection of 30 black and white images printed on Mohawk premium paper with eggshell finish by NYC fine art photographer Nancy Oliveri.  The book includes images of local flora & fauna including captive Baboons at the Prospect Park Zoo, Koi fish from the Tranquility garden and pool at the historic Greenwood Cemetery well as Cicadas from the 17 year brood. The title refers by the lyrics of Rolling Stones classic Wild Horses which was inspired by missing a child while on the road and hints at our relationship with the natural world and consumption as a testament to love.

TTHE MIDNIGHT SUN, 2021 by Nancy Oliveri & Editor Roderick Donahue 11"x13"  is a self published (olive&root) hardcover collection of 31 color photographs printed on Mohawk premium paper with eggshell finish. The collection includes images at night from the observatories in New York City before the return of crowds and tourists after the Covid-10 quarantine. The locations include the Empire State Building, the Rockefeller Center, The Empire State Building, the Edge at Hudson Yards and the One World Observatory. The title refers to the title from the American television show The Twilight Zone where the earth's has fallen off the sun's orbit and is increasingly freezing which resonates with our current climate anxiety and devastation.

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THE MIDNIGHT SUN, 2021 hardcover photography book includes one 8" x 10" print

Limited editions of 100, plus tax and international shipping where applicable.


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Limited signed editions 100


FROM TOMORROWLAND, 2021  Nancy Oliveri Photography & Roderick Donahue Editor 11"x13" hardcover collection of 35 black and white photographs printed on Mohawk premium paper with eggshell finish. The title refers to the 1964 World's Fair in Flushing, Queens and serves as a metaphor for the gap between what we imagine the future to be and what is. It includes iconic New York City structures and landmark architecture as well as candid street thots or ordinary people emerging from the Covid-19 quarantine.

REAL MERMAIDS OF CONEY ISLAND, 2020 by Nancy Oliveri. Mermaids of Coney Island was photographed during the summer of 2020 quarantine. The annual Mermaid Parade, a festival of nautical mythology was cancelled due to Covid. I went searching instead for the Real Mermaids of Coney Island.

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REAL MERMAIDS OF Coney Island, 2020, hardcover, black & white


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THE SPACE BETWEEN, 2020, hardcover color photographs from early Covid-19 pandemic


THE SPACE BETWEEN, 2020 by Nancy Oliveri. The Space Between is a photographic series that was made in my South Brooklyn neighborhood during the early days of the 2020 Covid pandemic and quarantine and highlights ordinary people during extraordinary times.